Congrats to Our Ladies Who Lifted!




These bad-a** ladies went and respresented WELL at the All Women's Strength Challenge in Tucson this past weekend!


Ann took 1st place in the Push/Pull event with 145# Bench Press and 322# Deadlift (PR!)

Amanda also PR'd on these lifts with a 140# Bench Press and 280# Deadlift!

Heidi and Amanda took 1st place in the Clean and Jerk event in their weight classes, both with PR's! Heidi's at 165#, Amanda's at 170#!

Heidi placed 4th in the Heavy-Conditioner WOD and Amanda placed 5th!
3rds (10 min cap):
Farmer Carry -60# DBs
12 Ground to Shoulder -60# DBs
6 Plyo Pushups on 45# plate
200# Prowler Push

Women's Weightlifting 059 Women's Weightlifting 058 Women's Weightlifting 057 Girl's Weightlifting 029 Girl's Weightlifting 012 Girl's Weightlifting 037


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