Competition Looms!

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Toes-to-Beam = getting up on your shoulders and reaching as high as possible to learn how to pull back and up, and to strengthen the abs and lats for that pull, translating to Toes-to-Bar.  Thanks to Marissa for the demo!

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Other core development - Abmat situps with knees splayed out and feet pulled close.  This takes out the hip flexors and focuses the flexion strength on the deep abdominals that support the spine and pelvic floor.  Pistols (single leg squats) test balance, requiring the abdominals to support the movement by stabilizing the spine as this hips go back and down.


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George came in for a visit, post-op from his shoulder repair surgery!  Great to see you, George!

Check out this article about preparing for competition of you will be competing in AC2 next weekend. Notice the suggested workout schedule for the week prior to the competition. Be sure you are getting lots of rest and good food this week. Let us know if you have any questions or want to work on any particular skills prior to Saturday.


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