Coach Eric Puccio Memorial WOD

For Time: 1000m RowIMG_8732 30 Power Cleans -135/95# 30 Back Squats -135/95# 1 Mile Run

Crossfit Haywire in Temple Texas is requesting support for a memorial event in honor of our coach Eric Puccio who passed away Aug 19th. His wife has asked us to "finish his workout" that he did not complete that Friday. More  information about his Memorial WOD is available at the Website set up in his honor.

Video Tribute to Eric

"Eric was not only our friend, he was our brother.  The CrossFit community has been one like no other.  As people joined our small box from all walks of life we became a family.  Eric made Haywire our home.  Enjoy our video tribute."

We honored you today Eric, at our home, CrossFit Flagstaff.  Rest in Peace. Sending love and support to all those you left behind.


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About Eric Puccio

Eric began his love for CrossFit® in 2009 while in Iraq working as a civilian contractor. He was precluded from joining the armed forces due to a heart condition, but trained alongside soldiers encouraging them to be grateful for the opportunity to serve; he had the heart of a soldier. Eric has been a CrossFit® affiliate beginning with Crossfit254 in 2011 then branching off to form Crossfit Haywire with his wife Wendy in 2011 in Temple, Texas. The Haywire family grew as people of all levels of fitness walked into his box. He buffered the intimidation factor for those of us who were unsure of CrossFit® and welcomed those more seasoned crossfitters into a unique blend of athletes, friends, and family. This man pushed us beyond limits we never imagined, put us through excruciating pain and for the love of God, so many burpees, only to have us keep returning for more. Perhaps it was the talks before and after the workout, or texts we would receive to check on us, or the way he would say “good job killa” as we struggled to catch our breath, he supported us in CrossFit® and simply in life. He was our glue, he was our box.

On August 19, 2016, we lost this man tragically and much too soon. Friday’s WOD wasn’t a pleasant one for most of us. For Eric and Wendy though, they could make any WOD look easy. They were the epitome of CrossFit® and the love between them was undeniable. Eric doted on Wendy, always greeting and leaving each other with a kiss. Eric truly believed he ended up in little old Temple, Texas, for the sole purpose of finding Wendy. They married in 2013 and he became a devoted step father to her two girls. Eric and Wendy would workout together between classes, but this Friday’s workout would change Haywire forever. Eric collapsed in the parking lot after the one mile run, a cardiac arrest. Attempts to revive him were unsuccessful. Eric dedicated his life to CrossFit® and passed away doing what he loved, in the place he built to share his passion, and in the arms of his beautiful wife. The loss is surreal to our community and devastating to the family he has left behind. We are shocked, heartbroken, and struggling to accept this loss while offering support to Wendy as she faces egregious heartache. In the same way his WODs would bring us to our physical limits and Eric would coach us passed that limit, he has brought us to our emotional limit and we are now reaching out to entire CrossFit® community to help us commemorate this man’s life. Wendy has asked us to “finish his workout” so we will be repeating Friday’s WOD: 1000 meter row, 30 power cleans 135/95, 30 back squats 135-95, and a one mile run for time. We lost a great man, but heaven gained a beautiful soul and should be expecting lots of burpees.



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