Clean and Jerk 1RM

IMG_9622CrossFit WOD Clean and Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Compare to: 1RM Apr 12, 2016, 1RM December 2013, 3RM (typically about 85-87% of 1RM) Feb 2016, EMOM C&J Dec 2015 (Good reading here)

CollageItDuring the Clean, focus on the second pull. Strive to have the hips fully extend, the arms straight, and the shoulders shrugged before moving to the receiving position. Try to maintain the same mindset during the Jerk. Receive the bar below parallel with the elbows high, in the Clean.  Split receiving position in the Jerk is strongly recommended.  Use each rep as an opportunity to practice the mechanics while under increasing loads. The first working set should be approximately 80% of an already established 1-rep max. If there is no previous 1 RM, use the sets to establish a 1-rep max taking careful note of mechanics along the way.  Log the loads lifted for future reference!!

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Beginner Athletes: Hang Squat Clean and Push Jerk 3-3-3-3-3 reps The reps are increased to allow more practice of these 2 complex movements. Pulling from the hang position can allow the athlete to focus on achieving full hip extension. Practice pulling the body under the barbell quickly. Receive the bar below parallel with the elbows high. Stand up to full hip and knee extension. Bring the feet under the hips for the Push Jerk. Focus on an aggressive hip opening by squeezing the glutes and jumping through the heels. Land in a partial overhead squat with arms and shoulders relentlessly pressing up into the bar. Return the bar to the shoulder, lower it to the hip and then to just above the knee to begin the next rep. Do not increase load if there are significant deviations from the mechanics described. Log the loads lifted for future benchmarking.

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IMG_9626Strength Focus

A. Press + Push Press + Push Press- Build to a tough complex in 12 Minutes

B. Weighted Chin-Ups- 4x 4-6, R60-90s

IMG_9455 IMG_9461Welcome Karen to her first class, and Hope's mom, Mary is getting stronger every day!  Watch out Hope!  Mom is coming for you!

IMG_9456 IMG_9520Karry has "Rest Technique" dialed down!

IMG_9517 IMG_9508 IMG_9492 Welcome to our visitors, Joost from Holland and James from East Valley CF! IMG_9471 IMG_9463 IMG_9525

Stuff to cheer about:  LOTS OF PR'S today!  Great job, improving on your technique and getting under those barbells everyone!

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