Clean and Jerk TnG

CrossFit WOD IMG_4305 IMG_4306 Clean and Jerk 3-3-3-3-3 reps, touch-and-go

Ensure that full extension of the hip is reached in both the clean and the jerk before reaching the receiving position. In the receiving position of the clean ensure the elbows are high. In the push jerk receive the bar with arms straight and actively push up into the bar. The bar may not be dropped between reps.  Pull the next rep as soon as the plates touch the floor.  The first working set should be approximately 80% of a recent 1 rep max. Try for a new personal record on the 3rd or 4th set. Only increase the load if proper mechanics are maintained.  IMG_4043If the athlete misses more than one rep in a set, reduce the load for the next set. Record broken sets for record of progress and where the athlete is performing at.

Strength Focus

Bulgarian Split Squats 5x5 each leg, climbing Barbell on back

IMG_4081IMG_4087 Triple Extension - the key to power: So what does triple extension have to do with power? If you think of athletic power, consider the vertical jump. It is the most often used method to assess lower body power.  In its liftoff phase, the body needs to explosively extend at the ankle, knee, and hip. This is how the body can propel itself upward. I know of no other way you can do it and jump any great distance, or in other words demonstrate power. This explosive extension of the knee, hip, and ankle is triple extension, and this is the key to athletic power or explosiveness if you wish to call it that. In my example of the vertical jump, the motion is up and down and with both legs. Triple extension is also performed in all planes and often with one leg as evidenced by agility needs that are seen throughout all athletics.  If you want to develop maximal explosiveness, the Oly lifts are unparalleled in their ability to develop and train power.

The ability to move powerfully and explosively is a critical aspect in developing athletic success. - NSCA

IMG_4114IMG_4115 Jack had his own judging crew along with him today.  Or, maybe it's just the peanut gallery... IMG_4077 IMG_4076 IMG_4113 "Catapult” versus “triple extension”.  Some try to use a hit on the hips to get greater momentum on the bar, misunderstanding what the catapult technique truly is.  "In reality, both camps teach the lifters to bring the bar to the hips, not the hips to the bar, and to extend forcefully upward at the top of the pull. For some lifters, this will result in a relatively light brush of the hip/upper thigh. For some lifters, a more forceful contact will be made. This is largely dependent on the lifters build, the speed of their pull, and the individual quirks of their mechanics.

No one – I repeat, no one – is teaching their athletes to leave the bar in front through the pull, or to intentionally push the hips forward to hit the bar." IMG_4109 IMG_4092 IMG_4071

Cleaning Up Your Dirty Clean: It's All About Technique

IMG_4046IMG_4047 “Touch and go” repetitions are where each consecutive repetition is performed by maintaining a grip on the barbell, actively lowering and momentarily touching the ground, then immediately proceeding into the next repetition.

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