Clean and Jerk

For Max Load:

5-3-2-2-1-1-1 Rep Rounds

Clean Drops, Training the Clean, Clean and Jerk Odd Objects

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Jason always does an awesome job with the Clean and Jerk and I get great photos for examples of how to do it correctly.  To be a little bit picky for learning purposes, his legs are already straightened a little too soon in his first pull (2nd photo), which causes him to have to pull too much with his arms (4th photo) in the 2nd pull.  He lost a little of his hip power there and then pulled a little too high with his arms, causing him to then catch a little high (5th photo), and then sink into the proper squat position (6th photo).  But really, cleaning and jerking 80kg of weight is really awesome!  Jason went on to clean 86 kg after this.

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