Clean and Dip

For Time:
15 Power Cleans
-155 lb. M/100 lb. W
   30 Ring Dips
12 Power Cleans
   24 Ring Dips
9 Power Cleans
   18 Ring Dips
6 Power Cleans
   12 Ring Dips
3 Power Cleans
   6 Ring Dips

IMG_6446 IMG_6445 IMG_6223
These are great extensions, with nice straight arms.  Fully extended through the hips, knees, and ankles.  Big shrug with that violent extension is what gets that bar weightless.  Not pulling with the arms.  In the 2nd photo, (sorry, Eileen, I lost your head!) we see some slight bend because her arms have become weightless (see the bar become light inside her grip even), and the bar and relaxed elbows are floating up a bit with how much aggression she put into that hip extension and shrug.

Finishing the Extension, Coach Burgener ...
Vicious Extension Against the Ground, Coach Burgener...[wmv][mov]
IMG_6403IMG_6409 IMG_6270 IMG_6418 IMG_6426 IMG_6441
When the arms bend, the power ends!

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