Charleston Chew

CrossFit WOD - IMG_8970IMG_8971“Charleston Chew” 7 Rounds:      11 Front Squats      10 Push Jerks Rx Load – M 135 lb./W 95 lb.

Strength WOD -      Work up to 5 Rep Max Front Squat

IMG_8915 IMG_8937 IMG_8924 IMG_8953 IMG_8927 IMG_8947 Today was Dillon's last class at CrossFit Flagstaff as he is moving back to California. It has been great having you as part of our community. IMG_8931 IMG_8929 IMG_8962 IMG_8956 IMG_8965 IMG_8957 Welcome back Marin! IMG_8923 IMG_8922 IMG_8918 IMG_8921

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