Challenge Your Whole LIFE!

IMG_8247CrossFit WOD - The Whole Life Challenge In 11 minutes: Run 800m (1/2 mile) Then perform: 75 Squats followed by 50 Situps followed by 25 Pushups followed by as many Burpees as possible in time remaining.

Count ALL reps (squats, situps, pushups, and burpees) as your score. For example: if you complete the squats (75) and 25 sit ups, your score is 100. If you complete the squats (75), sit ups (50), push ups (25) and 5 burpees, your score is 155.

The Whole Life Challenge ( is an 8-week, no holds barred, personal challenge to see what sort of impact you can have on your health, fitness, and daily lifestyle habits. It's a game played online with your friends, family, and anyone that will help you be accountable, and trains you to stay "awake"... to make daily choices that support your long-term health, life and vitality.  This Challenge starts TODAY and we kick it off with this benchmark for performance comparison.  CHALLENGE YOUR LIFE!

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8 Weeks to a New You

CrossFit Flagstaff is one of hundreds of CrossFit Affiliates nationwide who will be participating in the challenge that is open to anyone who wants to join our team.

An administration fee of $49 is all that's required of each participant. The challenge officially begins on Saturday, September 13th and concludes on Friday, November 7th. In between those dates, participants will attempt to get in the best shape of their lives, winning points along the way. The Whole Life Challenge is an 8-week health and fitness game that asks each contestant to evaluate every aspect of their life and change the habits or add the habits they need to better their entire lives.

Each participant will be have their measurements taken and perform a baseline workout prior to the challenge's start to help each athlete understand their starting points.

Each athlete will enhance their lives by doing daily activities, or not doing certain activities. They will log these activities online, receive points for positive behaviors and conversely points will be lost when a contestant engages in negative behaviors.


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