CrossFit Flagstaff's Version of Adult Prom

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Stage 1- The Romance Phase:

15 Minutes to complete:

800 Meter Run carrying and empty barbell with your partner.

Use the remainder of the time to find a 1RM Partner Clean and Jerk.

IMG_4267 IMG_4279 IMG_4288 IMG_4289 IMG_4273 IMG_4307 IMG_4321 IMG_4322 IMG_4301Jonathon and Laurie visited us today from CrossFit Gambit in St. Louis Missori and celebrated their 7th anniversary at our Adult Prom! 

Stage 2 - The Disillusionment Stage:

5 Minute AMRepAP:

Rope Climbs and Distance you can move a 65# plate with a sledge hammer. 

Partner A climbs the rope as many times as possible while Partner B swings the sledge hammer to move the plate across the gym floor. Partners may switch roles at any time but do not have to.

Score is # of rope climbs plus distance (in 5ft. increments)

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 Stage 3 - The Power Struggle

100 Partner Single Unders for time (5 Min. Time Cap)

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Stage 4 - The Stability Stage

100 M Partner Prowler Push for time.

Partner A pushes 25# plate plus partner B 50 meters. Switch spots. Partner B pushes partner A 50 meters back to starting line.

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Stage 5: The Commitment Stage:

For Time: Partner A is blindfolded and must move the 'sculpture' from point A to point B with only verbal cues from partner B. Partner B can not touch their partner or the items in the sculpture.

Once it is assembled in exactly the same way switch spots and roles and return it to the starting spot.

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