Certification Seminar Success and Congrats!

CrossFit Flagstaff recently held a national CrossFit certification seminar at our gym.  60 people from across the U.S. attended and we have had rave reviews ever since about what a great gym we have and, even better, what an awesome crew we had representing CrossFit Flagstaff!  The cohesiveness, friendliness, and warmth were evident and very much appreciated.  We want to recognize and congratulate those awesome people who attended the cert from our very own local crew.  They all worked hard, showed true dedication, learned a ton, and were outstanding representatives for all of us to the CrossFit world at large.  Tara Paprocki, Ryan Heck, Chloe Delaloye, Isabelle Deslauriers, and Cullen Young-Blackgoat and honorable mention and thanks to Addie Wakeman for all her help in the background of the cert as well as being another great representative of CrossFit Flagstaff!

Congratulations to you all on your Level 1 CrossFit certification, and THANK YOU to all the people who attended, and most especially to CrossFit HQ for all your work, efforts, genius behind the CrossFit methodology and philosophy, perseverance toward virtuosity, and progressing with excellence in the open-source model where so much brilliant information is available for all the world to see.  Keep on training for life-all of you!  Take this torch that CrossFit has lit and carry it on with you, holding that standard high for yourselves, in whatever path you take with what you have learned here.

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