Caffeinated Lunges

IMG_5755 WOD
For Time:
Walking Lunges 100 ft.
21 Pullups
21 Situps
Walking Lunges 100 ft.
18 Pullups
18 Situps
Walking Lunges 100 ft.
15 Pullups
15 Situps
Walking Lunges 100 ft.                                        
Compare to March 2009.
12 Pullups
12 Situps
Walking Lunges 100 ft.
9 Pullups
9 Situps
Walking Lunges 100 ft.
6 Pullups
6 Situps

IMG_5740 IMG_5712 IMG_5722
Gorilla lunges.               Synchronized Lunges (above).    Chloe and Lauren test our new pullup bar system to make sure it's fit for the Regionals Competition this weekend!
IMG_5729 IMG_5704 IMG_5709
Caffeinated Pullups.         A man secure in his situps.     A woman looking to develop her low abs.
IMG_5690 IMG_5707 IMG_5728
Lee KILLED her previous time on this workout AND went down in her band size for assisted pullups!  Nice work!   CrossFit Mom Ins-and-Outs are a great sub for situps (above).         Watch out, Robin!  Monty's got the ball!