Building the Sport of Fitness

What Is the Sport of Fitness?

Look for Reebok's commercial during the Packers/Giants game Sunday.

CNBC covers "Reebok's Huge Push Into CrossFit" by Darren Rovel.

On our own home front, Matt Shaw, Heidi, Audrey, and Eileen all qualified to compete in the Winter Open next month, which is now being held in Prescott!  Congrats!

WOD - Make-Up what you missed the last 2 days, or work on a weakness and make it stronger!


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"Attitude Adjustment"                                             Zach just moved here out of the military and is joining us!  Welcome!

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2011 Open WOD #2

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There may have been some clothing damage in the PRE-pre-liminary fights last night between father and son!

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