The Comeback Girl

Tara has been featured in the CrossFit Journal!

Her story has really inspired a lot of people who have suffered injuries and have been unsure about how to train through them and get stronger again.  Additionally, she has inspired and motivated some women who have wanted to test for the fire department.  I have received emails and have had people approach me at certs asking about her, how she is doing, and have asked me to tell her how encouraged they were by her grit and heart.

TaraClown These are some of the comments to her article:
Allen Vines wrote …

Great job! You never gave up.

Mary Conover wrote … (btw - Mary is a 72 year old CrossFitter who is an inspiration herself!  She is no tiny part of CrossFit, but was one of Greg Glassman's first clients at CrossFit Santa Cruz, coming to him to help her get stronger so she could continue to babysit her grandson as her grew.)

Tara, I loved your story! It is inspiring and beautifully told. Thanks for writing it.

When I hear true-grit stories like yours, I am prouder than ever to be even a tiny part of CrossFit.

Jeff Bocock wrote …

She does Primal Quest! Im so jealous. Shes an inspirational person for sure

Adrienne Weintz wrote …

You Rock Tara! Firefighting is an awesome and gratifying career. I am a recently retired Woman Fire Captain from a professional department and I know the obstacles and challenges that you face. Unfortunatly, I never found Crossfit until after I retired. But, Crossfit is the answer. Crossfit will get you in the best shape of your life and prepare you for Firefighting Challenges that lay ahead. You Go Girl!!!

Nice work, Tara.  Your really ARE an inspiration to so many and I am incredibly proud of you - your tenacity, strength of will and character, and your incredibly big heart.  When Tara comes to the gym, she lays it all out and gives every bit of what she has to give - no matter where she is at in her training.  We can all learn from her drive.  NO matter where you are at in your progress, fitness level, injured or not, you can improve if you put your mind to it.  Thanks for showing us how, Tara!

CrossFit Journal article, Broke Back Comeback.