Breaking Down the Clean

7 Rounds
: -increase the weight on each round (as much rest as you need betweeneach round)

- on your last power clean, keep the weight racked on your shoulders and perform the front squats
- the objective of this workout is max load

The Clean is a series of complex movements, involving a lot of coordination to put them all together and make one continuous, efficient lift from the ground.  Many people who came today have never done these movements, some haven't done them often.  We broke the Clean down into separate movements to learn the coordination and muscle memory of each segment.  Saw a lot of improvement and muscle memory learning happening through the course of the workout today.  Nice work everyone!
Img_3821 Img_3522Img_3544 Img_3545 Img_3542 Img_3536_3

Amazing to realize this is the first time Carrie has ever cleaned a bar.  I think we have a natural Olympic lifter in our midst.

Img_3605 Img_3775 Img_3584 Img_3810_2

GREAT extension...pulling under the bar....clean catch....and squat depth!