BOX Seminar Success

"Build a community that is more than just a gym -- become a center of excellence" BOX_BoxJump_blue1-e1358972118296

Big thanks to Ben Bergeron, owner of CrossFit New England (otherwise known to us as Burpees Ben...), for coming out to Arizona and sharing his success and hiccups with us in running a successful affiliate from multiple aspects.  It was a great seminar that was timely for us, on the cusp of further growth and changes in the gym, giving us some guidance to continue to grow with high standards and quality of service, constantly keeping the best interests of our athletes in mind.

What makes a World-Class CrossFit Affiliate?  In the words of CrossFit founder, Coach Greg Glassman, it is the “The Constant and Relentless Pursuit of Excellence.”  Ben helped us explore the best practices that the world’s best affiliates use everyday, and how to use these practices to create Excellence in our Affiliate.

Upcoming refinement and renovations to look for:

  • Continued elevation of the quality of coaching.
  • Bringing on more full-time coaches so their focus is solely on the gym and its athletes.
  • Comp Squad improvements to better serve all athletes interested in competing at all levels.
  • Running  Club - strength and mechanics for improving runners.
  • Bringing CrossFit classes at NAU back under CrossFit Flagstaff's leadership, to ensure quality coaching standards and the true essence of CrossFit programming is taught in a university environment.
  • Offer CrossFit outside the box to businesses as a corporate wellness program.
  • Bring Scott Francis back where he belongs.

Thank you for your patience with the closure of the gym, so we could attend this seminar and further our education in order to better serve our community!