Bon Voyage Partner WOD

Teams of two complete a 4 part WOD:IMG_1604 1. 6 Min. AMRAP: Partner A does 3 minutes of stone ground to shoulder while partner B does as many Ab Mat sit Ups as possible. At the 3 minute mark switch places. Partner A does as many Ab Mat Sit Ups as possible while partner B does stone ground to shoulder.

*Record total number of sit-ups and total weight lifted. 

2. For Time:Adventure:Life 25 Partner tire flip/jump through (Flip, then both partners jump into and out the other side of the tire = 1 rep)

3. 400 M partner carry for time

4. The finisher: 2 minutes max rep double unders Both partners can jump at same time. Record TOTAL # of DU

Mike and Lisa are headed off on a year long Panamerican adventiure in Big Blue!

Know that your presence will be greatly missed but your adventure is well deserved! 

IMG_1490 IMG_1554 IMG_1556 IMG_1510 IMG_1448IMG_1479 IMG_1484 IMG_1508 IMG_1516 IMG_1486 IMG_1501 IMG_1519 IMG_1528 IMG_1530 IMG_1547 IMG_1560 IMG_1500 IMG_1563

Bon Voyage Friends! 

adventure awaits Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 7.49.09 AM