unnamedBode-e1385769319448WOD 1. Skill Test: max reps Situps in one minute

2. "Bode" 12 rounds of: 5 Handstand Pushups 11 Power Snatches -95# M/65# W

Compare to June 2013

compCOMP SQUAD EXTRAS 1.   Clean and Jerk A.  work up to a quick heavy double – drop between reps B.  3×3 – no drops

2.   Back Squat A.  6×2 High Bar Oly Pause Squat, 3 full second hold at the bottom B.  4×4 High Bar Back Squat

IMG_0204 IMG_0209IMG_0186 IMG_0155 IMG_0148 IMG_0139 IMG_0129 IMG_0127IMG_0133 IMG_0131

Hips, Meet Bar: The Extension of the Snatch and Clean