Black Friday Turkey Thrusters

IMG_9132CrossFit WOD
1. Clean and Jerk
    1 Rep "Heavy" (80-95% 1RM)

2. “Mule in Paris”
With a partner complete
As Many Rounds As Possible in 12 minutes:
  1 Turkey Thruster -135#/95# W
  2 Turkey Thrusters
  3 Turkey Thrusters

One athlete works while the other rests.  If Michael and Matt are partners, Kevin does one rep of a Squat Clean Thruster then Matt does one rep.  Michael does two reps and then Matt does two.  Michael does three reps and Matt does three reps.  That is one round.  They would then repeat the same sequence, 1.2.3...1.2.3...
Partial rounds count.  Score as complete rounds + extra reps (ie, 4+6).
This workout is harder and a better stimulus when done with a partner, but if you train solo you can do AMRAP 8min of 1-2-3 with a :30 rest between all reps.IMG_9133

Strength Focus

Back Squat
5x1 Across

IMG_9110 IMG_9110 IMG_9130 IMG_9130 IMG_9130

Thanks for visiting us from CF Purgatory (Tucson), Matt!

Great job to all those who rolled themselves to the gym today after your big dinners yesterday!

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