Black and Blue

CrossFit WOD - IMG_59111)  Back Squats           4 sets of 10 reps, climbing

2)  "Black and Blue"        5 Rounds            10 Power Cleans - M 135 lbs. / W 95 lbs.            10 Burpees

IMG_5910Compare to: August 2014 Strength WOD -  1)  Weighted Strict Pullups - find a max weight for set of 3 

2)  Weighted Pushups - find a max weight for set of 3

              IMG_5791 IMG_5840 IMG_5838 Leah dropped in for a class this evening!  Happy Birthday, SJ!

IMG_5818 IMG_5816 IMG_5815 IMG_5888 IMG_5865 IMG_5826 IMG_5802 IMG_5824 IMG_5885 IMG_5871 IMG_5870 Great Job on all the PR's Today! You all did an amazing job pushing each other!

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