Billy's Free Saturday Workout

Img_4124WOD  -"Fran" Meets "Cindy"
3 Rounds for Time of:

10 Thrusters  -95 lb./65 lb. scaled
3 Sets of  -5 Pullups
               -10 Pushups
               -15 Squats

Img_4100_2 Img_4075 Img_4088_2 Img_4099_2 Img_4105 Img_4081 Img_4074 Img_4064 Img_4069 Img_4116
Every Saturday is Free!  Come on in! 

"Just a little note for those that were there.  Ryder and Adrian did 5 sets as Ryder's good-bye to Crossfit Flagstaff. Kevin and his friend came for the first time and Kevin did the work out as prescribed.  Phil and my friend Mike came for the first time as well.  All did a great job hope to continue to see that kind of turn-out on Sat.  GREAT job today, very strong work.  Thank you for all that you do."  -Billy

Ryder and Naomi, good luck to you in your move to Sandpoint, ID, and your wedding!  We will miss you!!