Big Foot Gets a Buttery Swirly

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Buttery Swirl on Friday or Big Foot's Lodge on Saturday


CrossFit Flagstaff also had some great representation at HotShots 19 - Granite Mountain Hot Shots Memorial workout at Captain CrossFit in Prescott!  Geri competed and Joel and Kathy and George were a great cheer squad! As Joel put it, "Geri's technique and range of motion were better than 75% of the other competitors!"  The workout is:

6 Rounds For Time: 30 Squats 19 Power Cleans -65# 7 Pullups 400m Run

She finished in 43:07!  Great job, Geri!

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An OTB workout also took place this morning and big crew hiked up Kendrick Peak today!  Beautiful skies, just got hit with rain on the way down for a nice cold shower - but smiles still abounded!



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