Beyond the Whiteboard

We are gaining a lot of good feedback from the surveys and one bigrequest was that we have ways of tracking goals, PRs, workouts, and progress. 

We have our whiteboards at the gym and I promise I will finish the one on which you can all record your current PR loads for lifting!  This week!  But we want more info and more feedback than that.  We want to take it deeper than the whiteboard.  We want to provide you with better tools than the Excel spreadsheet on Google and the paper spreadsheet file at the gym.  We hope you will utilize these tools and get the benefit from them we are hoping to provide for you as our clients.

There is a new website created by CrossFitters for CrossFit workouts which we will begin implementing immediately and strongly encouraging you all to use to track your workouts, your progress, your goals.  It will track how you are doing in your workouts, personally, how you are doing compared to others in CrossFit as well as our gym, and how our gym is doing in regard to the output of the workouts.  This website is called Beyond the Whiteboard.  This is their mission:
"CrossFit changed our lives. From the garage we started in, to our Affiliate gym today, CrossFit has taken our idea of fitness to a whole new level. We were a group of friends consisting of web architects, economists, athletes and artists that had one thing in common, CrossFit. We began discussing and organizing our WOD results. The web architects started figuring out ways to capture the data while the economists discussed ways to analyze and display it. We concluded every intense workout with, "Put it on the whiteboard."

We soon realized, as many CrossFitters and Affiliate gyms have, that the whiteboard is limited by memory, space and depth. We wanted to capture the data and display the results, both past and present, in various ways, on the fly. We built a framework that Affiliate gyms can use to track, display, analyze and improve their members' progress. This site is made by CrossFitters; from our project  managers to our web developers. It is our intention to take the empirical component of CrossFit's "Evidence-Based Fitness" to the next level. Gone are the days of taking pictures of the whiteboard, flipping through notebooks for old times, and performing work capacity/power output calculations by hand.

Our mission is simple, go beyond the whiteboard."


I have set up CrossFit Flagstaff on that website and I will start recording and entering our daily workouts, whether they be off the main site, ones that we create ourselves, or ones we borrow from other affiliates.  We will soon have 2 computers at the gym from which you can log your results to those workouts.  You can also do it from the comfort of your own home.  Doing this will be an expectation of each of you as our clients.  The Excel spreadsheets are out of date and one-dimensional and this will now be the way of our future.  It takes a few minutes to set up and then it will take very little time after this to just log in and record your times, loads, rounds, etc each day.  Here is how it works:

  1. sign-up at and sign-in (you can edit your Profile to add a Profile Picture),
  2. click "view a list of gyms",
  3. click "CrossFit Flagstaff",
  4. click "Join CrossFit Flagstaff". That's it for you.
  5. Then I will go to the "admin" page and "accept" all the members who affiliate themselves with our gym

  • To Post WOD Results: Login, click "post"(upper right navigation), and enter your results.  If you scaled the workout, you can put in substitution exercises, adjust weights, and adjust reps. Then click "Finished". If a substitution exercise that you use is missing from the list, let me know so I can add it in to the Exercise List.

  • We will continue to record the times on the whiteboard and take a photo for the website, in order to allow you to look up your times and loads, etc. at home, but the primary way we will now record PRs and workout progress will be through this website, in answer to your request for better goal setting and progress tracking.

    Thanks for your input!