Benchin' Like "L"

IMG_6036CrossFit WODComplete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of: IMG_603221 Bench Press -135# M/95# W 21 L-Pullups

Strength Focus

Back Squat 10x2 across

IMG_6029 IMG_5941 IMG_5936 Welcome Stephaney to her first class!     It's been great to have Colleen with us in her first CrossFit classes!

IMG_5926 IMG_5860 .                                                      We also welcome Suzanne, who joined our crew officially! YAY!

IMG_6006 IMG_6027IMG_5925 IMG_5850 IMG_5841IMG_5853 IMG_5867 Dueling couples on perfect L-pullups!

IMG_5866 IMG_6015 .                                                     Welcome, Justin D, who also visits us frequently on business!

IMG_5831 IMG_5863 .                                                                                 Krista gets to see daddy kick a** on the workout!

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