Bear Complex Pain Storm


From our CrossFit Flagstaff family to yours!!


Bear Complex PainStormIMG_4240

Instructions: For this WOD, the 5-rep Bear Complex is considered 1 “rep”. The 5-rep Bear complex consists of: 5 Deadlifts 5 Hang Power Cleans 5 Front Squats 5 Push Presses 5 Back Squats Rx'd weight is M:95#/W:65#

For time: 500m Run 5 “reps” of Bear Complex 400m Run 4 “reps” of Bear Complex 300m Run 3 “reps” of Bear Complex 200m Run 2 “reps” of Bear Complex 100m Run 1 “rep” of Bear Complex

IMG_4208 IMG_4210 IMG_4214 IMG_4215 IMG_4216 IMG_4226 IMG_4224 IMG_4222 IMG_4227 IMG_4228 IMG_4229 IMG_4238 IMG_4230 IMG_4231 IMG_4236 IMG_4237 IMG_4239IMG_4211

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