Be Like George

This week closes out our first cycle of our Wendler program!  On Monday, we will start a new cycle and add weight to your training baseline (the current 90% of your 1RM).  You'll increase it by 5# if you had and extra 1-5 reps on your week 3 single+ set, you'll increase it by 10# if you had more than 5 reps in your week 3 single+ set.  After this next Wendler cycle we will re-test! Week #4 Wendler Bench Press and Deadlift Remember the %ages below are taken from 90% of your true 1Rep Max .

Deload 40%x5 50%x5 60%x5

CrossFit WOD - MASTERS QUALIFIER EVENT #3 “Franchise” 21 – 15 – 9: Shoulder to Overhead Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups

This work out is a "SPRINT"! 5-10 minute time domain. (George finished in 4:37!! Be like George!)

Really cool pull-up building progression we used today!  If you typically do ring rows or use a band, throw this in as another alternative to getting strong at pull-ups!

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