Row-Run/HSPU Mash Up

IMG_3141CrossFit WOD

1. Back Squat 20 Rep Max

2. On-the-Minute x 20 Minutes:

Odd Minutes – 200m Row or Run
Even Minutes – 5 Handstand Pushups

IMG_3139Strength Focus

Shoulder Press
3x6 Across


IMG_3119 IMG_3103

"The Catch" : Beth is loaded up and prepared for the Stroke of her row.

  • Chest to knees with good posture & hamstring tension.
  • Arms extended (not giving up posture for length).
  • Compressed hip without a rounded back.

"The Drive/Stroke":

  • Hips are locked into place and she starts driving the legs away.

IMG_3095 IMG_3105



  • Once the legs are done, or about to finish, she swings her back open and then snaps her hands in.

IMG_3116 IMG_3099 IMG_3100

"Recovery/Finish": should mirror the drive

  • Relaxed, no work being done on machine.
  • She pushes her hands away.
  • Then pivots at the hip.
  • Lets the knees bend and glide forward.
  • She ends up in her catch, right where she started.


Thanks for visiting as you pass through on your move from Telluride CF to Monterey, CA, Mike!

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