AZ Gives Day - To Steve's Club Flagstaff

Today, people all across Arizona donated to their favorite causes online. CrossFit Flagstaff prepared a special WOD to celebrate the day. IMG_3817Steve's Club Flagstaff Partner WOD 

Teams of Two complete:

800 M run with 2 empty barbells 40 Pullups 60 Front Squats -135# M/95# W 40 Handstand Pushups 60 Deadlifts -135# M/95# W IMG_3733800 M Run with 2 empty barbells

1 person works at a time. Ideally each person does 1/2 reps. However as long as each person does at least 5 of each movement, split the rest as needed. Pull-ups one person hangs from the bar while the other does pull ups. FS one person holds their bar in the front rack while the other completes their reps. HSPU one person holds a handstand while the other does HSPU. DL one person holds barbell at the top of the DL while the other completes reps.

azgives IMG_3676

Steve’s Club Flagstaff is taking part in AZ Gives Day. It is our hope that our small but effective nonprofit becomes one of your personal favorite causes. You know first-hand the power of CrossFit - it changes lives. Your donations help us bring this amazing program to our local at-risk youth. The weekend program has been a great success and we will be adding an after school class this month.

We need support! We are not a government program, so we depend on donors who believe in this cause. Please, join us in changing lives.

Here is the link, and you can still donate right now. You can donate as little as $10.

$25 sponsors an at-risk kid for one month. $300 sponsors an at-risk kid for one YEAR!


Thank you so much your support!
With gratitude,
Steve's Club Flagstaff
IMG_3653 IMG_3763IMG_3762 IMG_3711 IMG_3736IMG_3709 IMG_3708IMG_3725 IMG_3759
IMG_3818Strength Focus
Jerk + Overhead Walk
3x3 Behind-the-neck Jerks into 100' Overhead Carry work up to bodyweight, or heaviest possible