August Free Saturday!

YOU can do CrossFit!FREE SATURDAY tomorrow!

CrossFit ladies and gentlemen. Completely different than the competitive side of things which tends to swamp all of the attention, THIS IS WHAT IT WAS DESIGNED FOR. Changing lives and improving the fullness of life, through hard work, risk taking, over coming insecurities, but more importantly community (with other people). You don't have to wait as long as she did to make the decision to change your life through fitness, in fact the results will be longer lasting and more beneficial the sooner you start. What are you waiting for? Too busy? Too expensive? Too old? Just don't have the time? Don't know how to workout? Too out of shape? Those that find a way in will be glad. Just set aside your pride (why most don't join) and give it a try!

Need inspiration? Check out this sassy lady! THEN, come to our FREE SATURDAY tomorrow at 8 or 9 am! Bring your kids to try it out at 9:00!!

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