CrossFit RRG: We support our community's first line of defense.

Takethe first step toward protecting your business. For about the cost of a new Concept 2 Rower, an affiliate can make a smart investment and take an ownership position in the RRG.

For less than the cost of 10 CrossFit t-shirts, trainers can invest in their own protection while they protect their fellow CrossFitters.

There are only 14 days remaining to contribute.

We need your support now. This is our community’s first line of defense.

In the world of fitness, the uniqueness of the CrossFit community stands out. But the same qualities that have built our community have created the need for a different approach to our insurance.

The reality is, no standard insurance company can provide the defense and coverage that our organization, affiliates and trainers really need.

Think about that for a moment.

Imagine you have the best, most well-equipped CrossFit affiliate on the face of the Earth. Gleaming Olympic bars, dedicated platforms, all the climbing ropes and pull-up bars and bumper plates anyone could ever need or want. There are hundreds of people dying to join your affiliate, but you’d be a fool to open your doors and let them in. Why? Because if they hurt themselves and sue you, the result will bankrupt you. You will lose everything and your life’s work will be destroyed. Because no standard insurance company will provide the coverage and defense that a CrossFit affiliate or trainer needs.

No one else is going to protect CrossFit affiliates and trainers like the CrossFit community will. Collectively, we need to make a stand.

And, we are with the CrossFit Risk Retention Group.

Invest in CF-RRG protection now:

I'm an Affiliate

This kind of protection isn’t free. It will take all of us. Initial funding of $500,000 must be collected by May 15th to legally establish the RRG.

The capital needed to start the CF-RRG must come from the owners of the company, which means the affiliates and trainers who wish to become policyholders. The community — not CrossFit HQ — will own the company.

The success of the RRG depends on investments of $1,000 from participating affiliates and $200 for individual trainers.