April 1, 2014 - "Lauriel"

2011 AC^2 Honor WOD – “Lauriel“4:1 board For Time: (20 minute cap) 23 Deadlifts 23 Handstand Pushups 23 Back Squats (no rack) 23 Burpees 23 Ground-to-Overhead

RX’D – 155# M/105# W, kipping allowed on HSPU Scaled – 135# M/95# W, green/blue band combo assisted HSPU

This gal is one of the toughest people I know and we must honor her 4 year fight with brain cancer with a real fight of our own in this workout.  Lauriel has been at death’s door, in the hospital, in a coma, suffered set backs with her tumor returning – all multiple times, and is currently in a coma right now. We did this workout today to show her that WE care: your fight in this WOD lifted her up today, and we as a community are more than grateful for that. Please keep her, her family, and her friends in your thoughts over the next few days. Thank you for showing up today and putting up a fight. And thank you to Lauriel, for forever being in our hearts and minds.

lauriel 600x399 Lauriel

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