Annual Skill Testing Day!


Individual Tasks in One Minute:

  • Muscle Ups -10 M/5 W
  • Max Double Unders -minimum 75
  • Chest-To-Bar Pullups -30 M/20 W
  • Handstand Pushups -20 M/10 W
  • Max Rope Climbs -20' (min. 3 in 90 sec.) IMG_3402

Weighted Lifts max consecutive reps of each:
(minimum 5)

  • Deadlift -315# M/225# W
  • Thrusters -155# M/105# W
  • Clean and Jerk -185# M/115# W                         Compare to Jan. 2011
  • Snatch -135# M/95# W

Weights and reps listed are minimum expectations for competitive athletes. This is the last time these standards will be the minimum expectation for those athletes.  We will see baseline go up the next Skill Test day.

All others, use this as a test of where you are with these movements.

IMG_3348 IMG_3348 IMG_3348 IMG_3353 IMG_3353 IMG_3353 IMG_3359 IMG_3359 IMG_3359 IMG_3358 IMG_3358