Amigos or Diablos???


"The 3 Amigos"

With a running clock complete:
1. 3 Rounds For Time:
      10 Power Snatch -95# M/65# W
      10 Handstand Pushups

IMG_7507at the 10 minute mark, complete:
2. 3 Rounds For Time
      10 Thrusters -95# M/65# W
      10 Chest-to-Bar Pullups

at the 20 minute mark complete:
3. 3 Rounds For Time
      10 Box Jumps -24" M/20" W
      10 Toes-to-Bar                                        Did one of our amigos make it on Outside
                                                                                   magazine's front cover?

Record times for all 3 WOD's.

IMG_7446 IMG_7446 IMG_7446 IMG_7474 IMG_7474 IMG_7474

Thanks for visiting from CF Cocoa Beach (FL), Victor!

IMG_7464 IMG_7464 IMG_7464

Hey! Did someone move this bar?          Welcome to your 1st CF class, Anna R.!
It usually comes to my chest!

IMG_7491 IMG_7491

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