American Dream

CrossFit WOD - IMG_8644IMG_8643"American Dream" AMRAP in 20 minutes: Up Ladder of:

  • Power Clean -205# M, 140# W
  • Muscle Up

Strength WOD - Tempo Deadlifts 5X5 -  5 COUNT ON THE WAY DOWN, EXPLODE UPIMG_8645

Comp Squad Extras - 1. Squats 7×5 Front Squats

2. Power Cleans EMOMx7: 3 Touch and Go Power Cleans, start at 60# under your 1RM and add 5# each minute.

IMG_8462 IMG_8463 IMG_8464 IMG_8466 IMG_8471 IMG_8461 IMG_8468 IMG_8618 IMG_8623 IMG_8614 IMG_8532 IMG_8467 IMG_8498 IMG_8500 IMG_8507 IMG_8512 IMG_8522 Alec got his 1st Muscle Up today! Congratulations! IMG_8543 IMG_8545 IMG_8549 IMG_8553 IMG_8555

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