All In a Day's Work

Day 1 Highlights... [wmv] [mov]

I made it through the day!  Through 2 cuts and into the final workout, to finish in 44th place overall! 
Thank you SO much to EVERYONE for your support, encouragement, and excitement for me in this epic event!  I could not have done it without all of you at the gym pushing me to compete in the Regionals, helping me discover what I am capable of and helping me stick to my training by training with me; without Dutch's help in coaching me,
keeping me accountable and getting me stronger through the last couple of months; without the trainers I work with at the certs pushing me harder; without CrossFit itself, being the BEST training program for life that I have ever experienced; and without Mike, most of all, being the most supportive, thoughtful, and inspiring partner anyone could ask for.  I have so many amazing people in my life to be thankful for and THAT is what makes me strongest.
Thank you for believing in me.
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My awesome support crew -minus Katie and Mike!