Aggressiveness, Focus, and Determination

For Time:
Row 500m
  15 Shoulder Press 
-65 lb.
Row 500m
  15 Push Press 
-65 lb.
Row 500m
  15 Push Jerk 
-65 lb.

Watch video of Annie Sakamoto of CrossFit Santa Cruz perform a workout perfectly demonstrating both the movements of the Shoulder Press, Push Press, and Push Jerk, but also of what aggression, focus, and determination are needed for lifting.
Perform all your lifts with good form, get aggressive with the bar, and you'll be able to lift more weight successfully with no injury.  More often than not, successful increases in your load are due to mental determination than greater and greater strength.  Certainly, getting stronger helps you lift more, but if you are slow, undetermined, and worry you can't make the lift-you won't, even if you're physically capable. 
Img_8323 Img_8327
Img_8346 Img_8348
Amanda's dip to drive position in 1st photo is a little forward.  Chest needs to be more upright, almost like you're going to fall backward.  This allows you to drive the weight of the bar directly through your body and off your chest.  Leaning forward, even slightly, pulls the bar down and you can't drive the weight off your body, but instead it has only space below it.  The 2nd photo looks better.  Her elbows are nice and high, pushing the bar up onto her shoulders.  I would probably still have her lift her chest a bit more.  It would make it easier to keep the rack position.  Nice aggression on the 3rd photo, dropping below the bar in the Push Jerk.
Img_8339 Img_8342 Img_8344
In 1st photo, Cullen keeps his chest up, but doesn't get his butt back, throwing the drive into his knees and probably up onto his toes.  You need your butt back and chest up to get the drive through the body and allowing the hip to power the bar up.  This is called a "muted", or open, hip, as referenced in the video linked to the Push Press in the WOD above.  2nd and 3rd photos demonstrate awesome overhead position and fierce determination.  Nice!

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