The Admiral

CrossFit WOD - "The Admiral"IMG_72463 rounds of: 20 Burpee Pullups 20 Front Squats (155# M, 105# W) 20 Box Jumps (24" M, 20" W)

Compare to Jan 2013/Makeup , June 2013

Strength Focus: 

Turkish Get Ups 5x3 each arm

Comp Extras:

1. Squat 5×7 Back Squats, across ** 2. Bench Press 10×3, climbing

IMG_7135 IMG_7243Welcome another new face to CrossFit Flagstaff community. Andrew Lambert  joins us from Tennesee.

IMG_7139 IMG_7140 IMG_7141 IMG_7244 IMG_7144

Jose visited us from CrossFit 808 in Hawaii!

IMG_7143 IMG_7145 IMG_7148

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