AC^2 2013 IS HERE! WOD's 1,2 and 3 ANNOUNCED!!

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CrossFit Flagstaff is partnering up with CrossFit For Hope/Hope For Brains and Steve's Club to start our very own Steve's Club Flagstaff! CrossFit for at Risk Youth in Northern AZ.

This year's Fundraising event will take place on Saturday Ocober 5th. Funds raised will all go towards starting:

Steve's Club Flagstaff -  Powered by CrossFit Flagstaffac2-13

Visit to learn more about Steve's Club and its vision.

"Imagine a country where kids grow up valuing fitness and nutrition, where youth from disadvantaged backgrounds are given the opportunity to improve their health, fitness, and personal development.

Teens from tough neighborhoods and difficult family lives choose to be involved in fitness, sports, and other positive outlets instead of drugs, gangs, and violence. After school, they go to their local gym (CrossFit Affiliate) where they sweat alongside other members of their local community - firefighters, lawyers, doctors, businessmen, soccer moms, etc.

CrossFit offers a positive framework and community to help at-risk youth grow into stronger and healthier individuals- both physically and mentally.  Working out and eating well become second nature, and they learn life lessons in a supportive environment - discovering what they're capable of, pushing themselves to work hard and strive for something greater."


CrossFit Inc. has four Hope initiatives. Hope for a Cure, Hope for Kenya, Hope Float and  Hope For Brains. Hope For Brains fundraising will kick off in September. We are excited to be piloting a program here in Flagstaff and to hold AC^2 to raise funds for our local CrossFit For Brains initiative program!

Visit The CrossFit for Hope web page for more info about these fundraising efforts.


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Work Outs 1, 2 and 3 for AC^2 2013!!

WOD #1 - 8 min. cap  - 7:30 a.m. Start

Snatch x 5 reps (155# M/105# W)

  100m Sandbag Carry (80# M/60# W)

Snatch x 4 reps

  100m Sandbag Carry

Snatch x 3 reps

  100m Sandbag Carry

Snatch x 2 reps

  100m Sandbag Carry

Snatch x 1 rep  


Snatch - 115# M/75# W

Sandbag Carry - 60# M/40# W

(No Teens)


Snatch:  Ground-to-overhead in one movement.  Slight press-out is acceptable if bar is caught above the head with bent elbows.  Full squat, power, and split catch positions accepted as long as bar is fully locked out and stood up with feet parallel before elbows bend again or bar drops.


Sandbag Carry:  Sandbag will be carried on the shoulder(s), down and around the cone and is dropped on the track.

WOD #2 - 9:00 a.m. Start

5 Min AMRAP:

Hang Squat Clean Thruster - 165# M/115# W

Scaling: 115#/75#

Teens: 95#/65#

**Rest 1 Minute**

WOD #3  -10 min. cap

Run 1 Mile

Points will be given for each 400m segment accomplished, if over the time cap.




Hang Squat Clean Thruster – bar must be stood up from the floor and stopped at the standing position before performing the Clean.  Clean reaches full squat depth where hip crease is below the knee.  Thruster is one movement from squat to fully locked out overhead position where barbell is over the body with arms straight.  No re-bend of the knees will be accepted in trying to thrust the bar up (like a Push Jerk).

Here is Workout #4 - at the gym!  Be there by 1:00!

WOD #4 - 1:00 p.m. Start

1 Minute AMRAP at each Station.

  • Box Jump - 30” M/24” W
  • Double Unders
  • Kettlebell Swings - 2pd M/1.5pd W
  • Pistols
  • Bar Muscle Ups

Scaled: Box - 24” M/20” W, KB - 1.5pd M/1pd W, Pullups Teen: Box - 24” Boys/20” Girls, KB - 1 pd Boys/26# Girls, air Squats, Pullups


Box Jump:  Both feet leave the ground at the same time and land on the box at the same time.  Stand to full extension.  May jump or step down.

Kettlebell Swings:  Bell comes over the top of the body with arms straight.  Bell does not have to be vertical, but arms must be locked into complete overhead position and legs straight – wrist over elbow over shoulder over hip over knee over ankle.

Pistols: Single leg squat meeting appropriate depth of hip crease below knee.  Trailing foot may not touch the ground until fully stood up and hip and knee are completely open with shoulder pulled back over hip/knee/ankle.  Athlete may choose which leg to squat with.

Bar Muscle Ups:  Full lockout at the bottom of the pullup, must come through a dip position and then a press out must occur, to fully locked out arms.  No glide kips accepted.  Feet cannot break the plane of the pullup bar on the kip. No skipping the dip.

Pullups:  Full hang with arms straight at bottom, chin clearly over the bar at the top.

And the Grand Finale!

WOD #5 – 12 min. cap - 2:50 p.m. Start

Top 15 M/ Top 15 W RX’d (3 heats of 10) Top 10 M/ Top 10 W Scaled (2 heats of 10) Top 5 M / Top 5 W Teens (1 heat of 10)

Complete 5 rounds for time of:

  • 7 Deadlifts - 315# M/205# W
  • 30 Air Squats
  • Handstand Walk – 35’



Deadlift: 225# M/155# W

7 Handstand Pushups: 1 abmat under head


Deadlift: 155# Boys/105# Girls

7 Hand-Release Pushups



Deadlift: Bar may not be dropped from the top.  No bouncing (no bend of arm at the floor to lift off).  Stand to full hip and knee extension where shoulder, hip, knee, and ankle are aligned, slightly behind the bar.

Squats:  Hip crease below knee, stand to full hip and knee extension where shoulder, hip, knee, and ankle are aligned.

Handstand Walk:  Hands on start line with feet above hips.  If athlete falls down, judge marks the spot where the hands were and athlete re-starts there.  Hands must both touch the far line before feet come to ground.

Handstand Pushups:  Pushup starts in full arm lockout with both feet touching wall.  Head clearly touches the bottom, full elbow lockout achieved at top.  At least one finger on each hand must touch edge of gray mat the entire movement.  Both feet must stay within shoulder width and both must be touching wall at the top of the pressout, before coming back down.

HR Pushup: Chest and thighs touch ground at the bottom, both hands come clearly off the ground, chest and thighs leave ground at the same time, finish at full elbow lockout with shoulder, hip, and knee aligned.