AC^2 2013 - Another success!

"Community is the product of people working together on problems, of autonomous and collective fulfillment of internal objectives, and of the experience of living under codes of authority which have been set in large degree by the persons involved."

- Robert Nisbet

As it is every year, this definition was once again displayed yesterday, in AC2. Through the tireless work of the volunteers, judges, and beastly equipment crew, the passion of the spectators, the generosity of the affiliates in loaning us their equipment and of all the sponsors who support this event with amazing prizes, and the beautiful displays of athletic determination and grit in the competitors - all for a charitable cause of our internal objective: to change lives and give others a fighting chance. Thank you.


The results of this year's competition are posted below.  Congratulations to ALL athletes!  You are all winners!

AC2 2013 Scoring:

Athletes were assigned a rank in each of the first four workouts (or first three for the teens) based on their performance.  These ranks were totaled to determine a "qualifying rank" to determine who would advance to the final WOD.

The overall rank was then determined by a sum of the qualifying rank and the rank on the final WOD.  These two values were weighted equally.

Tiebreakers were determined by calculating the standard deviation of the athlete's ranks on all previous workouts and then ranking by lowest standard deviation.  This would reward consistent performance across all workouts and not variable performance.  This is felt by the organizers of AC2 to best represent the CrossFit goal of GPP.  Note that this is essentially the opposite of past Games tiebreakers that reward first place finishes.

The tiebreaker was only applied to determine eligibility for the final WOD and then the top three athletes, other ties were allowed to stand.  The Men's Rx'd top three final standing was determined by a contest for most consecutive muscle-ups.

2013 AC2 Teen Boys

2013 AC2 Teen Girls

2013 AC2 Men's Scaled

2013 AC2 Women's Scaled

2013 AC2 Men's Rx

2013 AC2 Women's Rx

Congratulations to our winners!!!

IMG_14211266923_644364422262762_1532539669_o 1266312_644364538929417_760058099_o

Teen Females:                                                                       Teen Males: 3rd - VIVIEN TOSI (yay for CFF/CHS!)                          3rd - Gabriel Burns 2nd - Jennifer Kralovetz                                                      2nd - Cole Harris 1st - Rachel Mortensen                                                        1st - Parker Gray

1265089_644361552263049_1607810735_o 1274453_644361182263086_1568413210_o

Scaled Women:                                 Scaled Men: 3rd - Sierra Henderson                   3rd - Michael Rodriguez 2nd - Molly Moffett                          2nd - KENNY MAZZARESE! (yay for CFF!) 1st - Alexandra Engle                       1st - David Downey

135208_644361872263017_572349951_o 1264792_644361442263060_562439820_o

Rx'd Women:                                                                         Rx'd Men: 3rd - Leslie Gray                                                                    3rd - Justin Fallon 2nd - Laura Dickerson                                                         2nd - Will Trujillo 1st - Tennil Reed                                                                    1st - Peter Egyed

Big thanks to Ali with Steadio Visual Media for the photos!  He has posted a bunch of them up on the Arizona CrossFit Affiliate Competition FB page!  Email or message Ali if you would like to order prints of the photos you like!  Proceeds will be donated to Steve's Club Flagstaff!