AC^2 2012

Here's the Flickr photo album for the pictures off the CFF camera!

AC2 2012 Flickr Album

We'll be getting the photos that Ali took, soon, and they will be for sale with proceeds going to the Dawson Merrick Foundation. 


Big thanks to Tim Weaver for taking and sharing all these great photos from AC2!


Thank you to all athletes, support crews, and volunteers for an incredible event!  I am cleaning up chalk, dragging equipment back into place, and plowing through 1500 photographs, so please be patient with the delay in getting a proper post and photos up! 

For now, here are the final standings for the day:

FInal Overall Scaled Men

Final Overall Scaled Women

Final Overall Prescribed Men

Final Overall Prescribed Women

The efforts were inspiring and monumental.  We feel this year was another great success and went off without (almost) a hitch.  We discovered later that one scaled division male athlete had been thought "modified" and was then unranked, but he had actually maintained all scaled division requirements and qualified as 2nd place in the male scaled division.  We apologize for that misunderstanding and these standings show the correction.  Zachary Smith, congratulations on taking 2nd place overall in the Men's Scaled division.  To those we awarded 2nd and 3rd, you are still holding your award in honor of the spirit of that ranking.



Our parking is very limited where our gym is and as you all know who've competed here in the past, you'll have to be patient with it and be willing to use your fitness and walk a bit.

This year is a bit more limited as some of our neighbors aren't allowing us to use their parking.

Please plan to park up at New Frontiers' grocery store on Butler and carpool or walk in, as much as possible.  We MUST parallel park on River Run and Old Canyon Ct.  We got in trouble last year for trying to angle you all in.

Thank you for your understanding and respect on this issue!


Rx'd or Scaled?  This list is not all-inclusive, but will help you make your choice.
YOU MUST DECIDE AND EMAIL Tara by FRI DEC 7th with your decision.

To declare Rx'd:                                                            If not, scaled version:

Weightlifting Movements you might see:

Thrusters - 115# M/80# W                                                     90# M/60# W

Clean (to full Squat) and Jerk -185# M/125# W                      135# M/95# W

Deadlift - 225# M/155# W                                                     185# M/135# W

Snatch or Ground-to-Overhead to full OHS - 135# M/95# W     95# M/65# W

Kettlebell Swings - 1.5 pood M/1 pood W                               no scale

Wall Ball - 20#, 10' M/14#, 9' W                                             no scale

Gymnastics movements you might see:

Pullups                                                                                Red band assist

Ring Dips                                                                             Red band assist

HSPU                                                                                   2 AbMats

Box Jumps -24" M/20" W                                                      no scale

Double Unders (bring your own rope)                                   no scale

Pistols                                                                                Squats

Toes-to-Bar/Knees-to-Elbows                                              2:1 Situps

Rope Climbs                                                       3:1 floor-to-feet Rope Climb

If you are even close on most of these movements and weights, then go Rx'd.  You have to explore what your potential is and competition is the place magic can often happen.  If you give it your best effort and it doesn't happen, you can continue to participate with no points for that movement, or scale it and be "Rx'd Modified", just not ranked for prizes.  But what if you practice some of this stuff for a few days and then come to the competition and it suddenly happens?  Even if you only get one rep, but it's your FIRST one you've ever gotten because you HAD TO DO IT to be in the Rx'd category?

If you're also struggling with the Scaled versions, but you want to try, we'll approach it the same way.  Come in and give it your best shot.  If you run into a movement you just can't do, you can continue to try and not get points for the movement if it doesn't happen, or we will scale it further for you in that moment and you may continue with the competition, you just won't be ranked for prizes.  Your prize is that you came and threw DOWN and gave it your very best.

Even if you see multiple weights and movements here you know you aren't going to come close to "as Rx'd" and you choose to go Scaled, you are going to be able to go Rx'd on all that you are able and we will scale what you need to scale, you will just be "Modified" and unranked, but still able to participate.

You're all amazing to push yourself in whatever capacity you are able and we want you to have fun and to experience competition, see what you're made of, see where you stand with other athletes in your community, and to raise some assistance funds to help out some kids who are really sick and would love to stand in the arena and do 1/2 of what you're going to do next Saturday. 



No waiting list, sorry. We see that MindBody Online had a very unfortunate glitch in the registration system and while we put a cap of 100 people on the reg list, it still allowed people to register more than one participant under their name, so there were a few people who registered themselves as 4-10 people, but it only posted it as one. UGH. We are going to be TIGHT with all 115 the system allowed through. If any of you registered for more than 1 slot under your name, please email and let us know who your individual people are so we can get them on our roster. That should not have happened. It was supposed to be limited to one person per registration. If any of you have cancellations, we will refund that money vs having you switch it for another person please!

Thanks for all your excitement over this event, everyone! We are honored!



Only 100 athlete spots...It will DID fill up FAST!

DECEMBER 15, 2012

AC2 2012 logo

Proceeds will benefit:


School_pic1_high_res_(Small) Dawson Bryce Dawson Merrick

Dawson Merrick (native of Flagstaff, Az) lost his life to childhood leukemia at a very young age and his parents founded this foundation.  

Lori Wright is on the board for this foundation and her son Bryce is currently enrolled in our CrossFit Young Athlete Program. Bryce was also good friends with Dawson and played baseball with him.

"The Dawson Merrick Children’s Foundation (TDMCF) is a non-profit foundation designed to help provide financial support to families with children affected by childhood leukemia, other critical diseases, or tragic events. Our foundation raises funds through donations, fundraising events, charitable gifts, and grants."

Thank you to our growing list of sponsors!

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