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It's a little nerve-wrecking each year to put this competition on because of how well the last 2 years went and the bar has been set high.  But, it seems like a 3rd very successful AC2 has been fulfilled.  For that, we have so many cogs that had to turn together just right, so many pieces had to fall in place at the right time, so many people made all that happen, and to all of you we are thankful!

Acac 2012 logoThank you to all the volunteers who donated HOURS of their time in preparation, tirelessly moving weights and barbells, directing traffic, shoveling incredible amounts of snow (AGAIN!!!), running concessions, cleaning bathrooms, mopping up water water everywhere, running score cards all over the place, entering scores and tallying and re-tallying and crunching numbers in complex mathematical equations that I can't even begin to understand...  Thank you to the judges who passionately judged heat after heat and poured their souls through their eyes hoping (and pleading) for a successful lift or handstand pushup or flying pullups from every athlete who poured their hearts out in front of them every workout.

Thank you to the athletes for braving the snow storm that AC2 seems to have the special magic of heralding these past 2 years.  Thank you for your passion, tenacity, bravery and courage.  You were each an incredible inspiration to all who watched you.  We saw battles fought, victories won, we saw people go to dark places and fight their demons and nearly lose heart, but kept on going.

This quote stands out as I reminisce about the day, as I believe you all embodied what it says...

"In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.

And that makes me happy. For it says that no matter how hard the world pushes against me, within me, there’s something stronger – something better, pushing right back." -Albert Camus

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1. "Home Run"

30 sec. of Ring Dips (scale: red band)

1 minute Rest

Then, 8 min. AMRAP:

5 x 10m Sprints On-the-Minute

Remainder of odd minutes: Complete as many Pistols as possible. (Scale:  2:1 Squats)
Remainder of even minutes:  Complete as many Handstand Pushups as possible. (Scale: 2 AbMats)

Score:  total number of Ring Dips +  HSPU + Pistols


IMG_0763 IMG_0763 IMG_0763

"Memory Stones"

Floater WOD (no scale)  -sign up for a time, running heats every 5 minutes through day.  Weigh-in 10 minutes prior.

 4 min. Ground-to-Shoulder Stones

Choose weight – 170# or 142# M/108# or 70# W

Begin workout shouldering stone as many reps as possible.

At 1st, 2nd, and 3rd min. OTM, complete Flying Pullups up and down before continuing with Stones.

Score: # reps completed x weight of stone/bodyweight

  IMG_0841 IMG_0841 IMG_0841 IMG_0846 IMG_0846 IMG_0892 IMG_0892 IMG_0892 IMG_1030 IMG_1030

2. "Dawson" -#6 for your program, #1 in your hearts

1 minute AMRepsAP: Bar-Facing Hand-Release Burpees

6 minute AMRAP:
165# M/115# W  (scale: 135# M/95# W)

   6 Deadlifts  
   6 Hang Cleans
   6 Shoulder-to-Overhead

Score: total reps completed

IMG_0684 IMG_0684

It was an honor to support the "The Dawson Merrick Children’s Foundation with this event, and to have his close friends and family here to witness the efforts that were put forth toward that support.  Thank you for allowing us to remember Dawson and honor his memory.

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3. "3 Strikes" - for total accumulated time.

21-15-9 rep rounds for time of:
   Back Squat -185# M/125# W (135# M/95# W)
   Kettlebell Swings - 1.5p M/1 p W  (no scale)  
@ 10 min. mark, change weight and move to:
    21-15-9 Overhead Squats -135# M/95# W (scale 95# M/65# W) alternate
    42-30-18 Double Unders  (scale: 21-15-9 reps)
@ 20 min. mark, move to:
  21-15-9 rep rounds for time of: (10 min cap)
    Wall Ball -20#, 10' M/14#, 9' W  (no scale)
    Toes-to-Bar  (scale: 2:1 Situps)

Score:  Times for all 3 couplets added together for total time.  One second added for each rep not completed.


Congratulations, everyone!

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