AC^2 2014 was a SUCCESS!

Lindsay and I are greatful beyond words for the CrossFit Flagstaff community coming out in force to help run an amazing event! Our Athletes that competed represented our gym amazingly well, and our army of volunteers was incredible! I am still sifting through all of the photos that were taken but here's a few.


Our CFF Crew, with a handful of folks missing that had to leave early for various reasons, THANK YOU ALL!

IMG_0801 IMG_0800

Teen Boys: 1st Andrew Dando CrossFit Incendia, 2nd Jack Mester CrossFIt Flagstaff, 3rd Iagan Frieberg CrossFit Fury

Teen Girls: 1st Rachel Mortensen CrossFit West Valley, 2nd Jennifer Kralovetz CrossFit Incendia, 3rd Drew Hanneman CrossFit Flagstaff

IMG_0807 IMG_0804

Men: 1st Dustin Harth Ironwood CrossFit, 2nd David Watts CrossFit Flagstaff, 3rd Trevor Gelder East Valley CrossFit

Women: 1st Claire Treanor Blade CrossFit, 2nd Dawn Stone CrossFit Flagstaff, 3rd Erica Simmons Blade CrossFit

Click on the links below to see a PDF version of the results spread sheets.

Teen Male   Teen Male Final   Teen Female    Teen Final Female

Men   Men Final   Women   Women Final

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