A Very Deserving - and Healthy - Cause

"Hey Folks,

As you may already know, we recently began selling Paleokits to help raise funds to pay for our own space and expand the scope of our services (such as tutoring and nutritional counseling). We really appreciate the interest expressed by those of you who have gotten a chance to try our kits and we've taken your feedback to heart!

We make the kits fresh for each order, and the initial demand took us by surprise. It's taken our small team a little while to get our system squared away and the backlog reduced. Thank you for your patience!

Several affiliates have asked if they can help support Steve's Club by carrying Paleokits at their boxes. Today we're announcing wholesale pricing for affiliates. If you order 25 or more (large or x-large) kits you can get a 20% discount with coupon code "CFaffiliate" at checkout. You can give them away as promotional items, but please don't undercut our prices. For your convenience, the store has a new 25-pack option in both the large and x-large sizes.

The youth of come to Steve's Club every day to get their daily dose of CrossFit while learning the value of hard work and commitment. On their behalf, we thank you for your past and future support!

–Steve's Club and The Paleokit Team"


"Eat meats and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar." -CrossFit.com

That all sounds well and good until you try to find portable food at the grocery store.  A look at the ingredients list on most health and sport snacks will leave you little better informed about what you're eating than when you picked it up.  We developed Paleokits to provide an easy to carry, real food snack to take with you. Paleokits aren't just good food, they're measured in Zone proportions with the extra fat blocks CrossFitters need.

For more information about the Paleokits and how to order, go to Steve's Club website.

Steve's Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization offering young athletes (and non-athletes) of Camden, NJ world-class coaching, community, and training techniques used by elite and professional athletes worldwide to help strengthen the foundation of our future.

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