5K Run - A Test of Fitness

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5k RUN

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Strength Focus IMG_3566-Odd minute: 5 Push Press (Start at a medium weight and work up to a 5RM for the day.) -Even minute: 5 Pullups + 4 Chest-to-Bar Pullups + 3 Bar Muscle-ups

*The goal for the even minute is unbroken cycling, so adjust reps as needed so you don’t come of the bar (Ex: 4-3-2 or 3-2-1).


Today was another test of fitness!  We had gymnastics development on Monday, testing your maximal capability on the Front Squat on Tuesday, and now a test of endurance today.

CrossFit is about constantly varied training, but that doesn’t mean the training is random. While it’s true that we train for the unknown and the unknowable, programming is more than pulling random workouts together and scattering them across a few weeks.

One of the main characteristics of constant variation is the use of very different loads, time domains and movements. Sometimes we are performing short, heavy workouts like 7 sets of single deadlifts or front squats (or 5 sets of 10, as we had last week). Other times we are doing a long, heavy workout such as "Linda". "Cindy" is long and light, while "Fran" is usually short and relatively light. A 2K row and a max Snatch both involve pulling, but one is about endurance and stamina, while the other is about strength and speed. Athletes adapt to such a diverse program because it is broad and ignores no aspect of fitness.

Constant variation is one of the foundations of the CrossFit program, and by allowing that principle to influence us in our programming as we train all of you to be better at life, we hope to put you all on the path to high levels of general physical preparedness. As always, the magic is in the movements themselves. Add in large doses of intensity, and we suddenly see that we have some true firebreathers on our hands!

Great work this week, CrossFit Flagstaff athletes!



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