5:00 OF FUN OR MAYBE 10!

CrossFit WOD AMRAP 5:00 25 Double unders 3 Pull-ups 25 Double unders 6 Pull-ups 25 Double unders 9 Pull-ups 25 Double unders 12 Pull-ups

*Continue in this fashion until the clock hits 5:00

5:00 Rest

AMRAP 5:00 3 cal Bike or row 3 Handstand push-ups 6 cal Bike or row 6 Handstand push-ups 9 cal Bike or row 9 Handstand push-ups 12 cal Bike or row 12 Handstand push-ups

*Continue in this fashion until the clock hits 5:00

When you find people who not only tolerate your quirks but celebrate them with glad tidings of "Me too", be sure to cherish them. Because those weirdos are your TRIBE!

We all want to experience a sense of community. To have a group of like-minded people, speaking the same language, who are on the same page supporting each other as a collective. Sharing ideas, interests and working in harmony — be it professional, personal or other. Who we are creates who we meet — on a deeper level, your “personal reality begins inside of you” — when we are aware of what is going on inside of ourselves and are connected to our core self, what happens to us on the outside reflects this. The people we meet, the people we work with — they all gravitate to what it is that we project. If you want a happy tribe, be happy, man.

Whatever the reasons, feeling a sense of belonging and being understood seem to be key motivators underlying the need to seek out a tribe. So how do we go about looking for a suitable posse? Much like being the new kid in school, it can be scary, overwhelming and confusing. Here are some tips:

Be mindful in your intention setting. What do you want? You may have already found your tribe.

Know thyself. Be self-aware and connected with what is going on within you.

No judgement. We are not perfect. Build up those around you instead of breaking them down.

Surround yourself with like-minded people.

Get over yourself. Only you and your fears prevent you from achieving your goals.

Be brave. Put it out there — start a group. You never know where this might lead and what connections you might make.

Be picky.

Stay true. Do it your way, work with integrity and kindness. Huffington Post