3rd Annual Trevor Win'E Memorial Day Fundraiser

CrossFit Flagstaff participated in the Trevor Win'E Memorial Day Fundraiser.  The goal for this fundraiser workout was to raise money for the Trevor Win'E Memorial Foundation, in order to provide cooling vests for the military stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We had outstanding performers and teams today!  Congratulations and thank you to all who came and participated, counted, coached, motivated and photographed! Today was a success because of each and every one of you!

IMG_9339 IMG_9205
Team "Brane Juce"                               Team CrossFit Flagstaff

Team "Matty Mo and Mason"                  Team Flagstaff 7000' AZ
IMG_9275 IMG_9302

Compare to May 2008 and May 2007

"Action" photos will be posted in Photo Albums soon.