Team 20 minute AMRAP

Strength Front Squat Triple at 82%img_4746 Single at 88% Triple at 82% Single at 90% Triple at 82% Singe at 93%

Team WOD

Teams of 3 - 20 minute AMRAP:

Row for calories


Burpee box jumps


Wall Ball


Toes to Bar


img_4653 img_4657 img_4658 img_4664 img_4694 img_4663 img_4707 img_4668 img_4681

Today we had the Young Athletes join the adult class and form teams of three for the WOD. What a fun class to watch! Let's do this more often!

img_4732 img_4736 img_4730 img_4726 img_4725 img_4724 img_4717 img_4716 img_4715 img_4713 img_4712

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