3,2,1 GO! 5K Row

IMG_5595Warm Up: Team Plate Moving As a team move your stack of weights from one side of the gym to the other

  • can't use hands to carry weights
  • feet cant touch the ground
  • only one foot can touch the ground
  • the person holding the weights can't touch the ground

IMG_5593WOD: 5K Row How to Improve Rowing Technique

Strength Focus:

  • 100' Overhead Carry with bodyweight (or as close as possible)
  • Build up to a 1RM Farmer’s Carry x 50′ (no drops allowed)

IMG_5430 IMG_5437 IMG_5468IMG_5459 IMG_5498IMG_5550 IMG_5445IMG_5467 IMG_5455IMG_5432 IMG_5512 IMG_5477 IMG_5547 IMG_5584 Tanner joined Liz for some stretching, and little Ash wanted to ride the lift with Lindsay to change some light bulbs. IMG_5473 IMG_5530IMG_5501 IMG_5504 IMG_5591

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