Row and Push Press 20190126

CrossFit WOD

For time:
50/35 Row Calories
10 Push Press, 65% 1RM
40/30 Row Calories
8 Push Press, 65% 1RM
30/20 Row Calories
6 Push Press, 65% 1RM
20/15 Row Calories
4 Push Press, 65% 1RM
10/7 Row Calories
2 Push Press, 65% 1RM

CRUSHED! Sharon stands on her podium, radiant in her success.

Show up and Shine

If you do nothing to change it, the story of who you are and what you’re capable of is reinforced every day, month, and year you wake up and focus on it. It takes courage to change. This community is an environment that gives you the opportunity to do just that. The coaches that are here are eager to help you discover what you are truly capable of - discover who you truly are.

Lisa Ray