FURIOUS 10 Competition!

CrossFit Fury Celebrates their 10th Anniversary by hosting their 10th Furious competition! CrossFit Flagstaff has participated in this great event every year.

Congratulations to CrossFit Fury!

Hammer Time

14min AMRAP – Women/Men/CoED
On a 15 min clock, athletes complete two AMRAPs. Total Cal on the rower and as many rounds as possible of 12 Pull ups and 8m Plate strike

SCORING: The total calories rowed will be summed with the total reps completed for a final score.

Heavy Medley

6 Min AMRAP – Men/CoED/Women
10 Sandbag over the yoke
Men’s and CoED: 40” yoke / Women’s 36” yoke

SCORING: Total reps completed will be the final score.

Double Dumbbell

10Min AMRAP – CoED/Women/Men
40 reps of Ground to Overhead (G2OH) followed by 100 DU, then
30 G20H and 100 DU, then
20 G2OH and 100 DU.

SCORING: Total reps completed will be the final score.

The day started with a surprise run/obstacle course workout to get the blood pumping!

Congrats to Jay and Emily for making it to the finals and placing 3rd in the mixed team division!

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